December 5, 2023

You can correct the errors in the sslc book yourself

As an issue of first significance, we really want to download the application structure from Pareeksha Bhavan officially webpage Kerala SSLC Book Correction Date of birth application structure PDF

We need the main birth affirmation copy to show the principal date of birth. Then, we really want to pay rs. 500/ – as a charge for the cure of date of birth. The cost should be paid to the highest point of the record “0202-01-102-92″. To pay the charges of change of date birth costs you really want to go to the nearby store. There you found the challan from. Then, get the number from the store. Then, you are expected to visit to the singular bank office ( state bank) and pay the total.

Also, the other huge thing we really want is the initial letter from the head/administrator of the different school. Then, the Principal or Headmaster will fill some piece of the design and give their imprint on the last page of the construction.

Kerala SSLC Book Correction:

The above-given box showed that the focal points should be filled by the highest point of the school where you have thought of. Also besides the show followed by this table should be fittingly embraced by the Principal or Headmaster of the singular school.

The name of the applicant should be same in the birth confirmation and the sslc book. Expecting itis not, you are expected to address the birth confirmation or you want to fill the ideal application structure at the completion of the application. That is called an Identification Certificate From The Village Tehsildar or Officer. Accepting the name in the both assertion are same then the construction need not be filled and go for the further assessment and system.

Required Documents for date of Birth Correction IN SSLC Kerala

An application structure which should be filled absolutely with close to no misunderstandings or goofs.

Covering letter from the school Principal or Headmaster.

Remarkable date of birth statement.

Three affirmed copies of Birth Certificate.

Remarkable birth statement should be cured (here it is a sslc confirmation).

Special copy of Challan.

Accepting the’s first experience with the world underwriting having date in Malayalam month, then, competitor should join Conversion Certificates from the State/Dist. Overseer, State Central/District public library.

The applicant needs to annex a cover (size 32 cm x 25cm ) joining stamp worth of Rs. 42/ – with the all out postal area of an applicant. Two covers (size 24cm x 9cm) joining stamp worth Rs. 27/ – each should moreover be submitted. One of these covers should be addressed to the Authority who had given the Birth Certificate and the other to ‘The Joint Commissioner, Office of the Commissioner for Govt. Appraisals, Pareeksha Bhavan, Poojappura, Thiruvananthapuram should be done by the up-and-comer himself. Accepting you disregard to buy the cover and stamps then you can pay for it in the pareekshabhavan itself.

Application for the cure or change of Date of Birth in School records In Kerala:

Name and complete area of an applicant:
Name of the person whose date of birth is to be cured:
In case a singular gives task and its power address:
Date and Place of birth with Municipality:
Ability underwriting in which the amendment of date of birth is required:
The current date of birth in the school records/SSLC, etc:

Nature of amendment/change of date of birth referenced for:

A short explanation of in change that how date of birth entered in the ability confirmation and school records:
Date of certification at the hour of class I and complete age nuances at the hour of affirmation:
Date of leaving the ordinary timetable leaving underwriting:

Critical documents confirmation should be made to show the amendment of date of birth:

In the event that an applicant has a spot with SC/ST social class then the position confirmation should be conveyed
Complete nuances of costs challan book or receipts ( challan no.,amount, name of Treasury.)
In the event that the up-and-comer’s any kin or sister had applied for the date of birth revision:
Birth occasion nuances, sl no. date of birth,etc.

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