Eye Test Apps for Android & iOS

When was the last time you had your eyes tried? You can’t recollect? With this eye test you can test your vision at home effectively and absolutely free! Subsequent to doing the tests you ought to be capable choose whether or not you should see an eye specialist. Doing the vision tests is fun, and you can likewise impart the outcomes to your companions on Facebook!

**The application is in English! Kindly don’t give me terrible evaluations on the grounds that the application isn’t in your language!**

The application has 12 sorts of eye tests (6 FREE and 6 PRO)

Visual sharpness tests
An Ishihara Color Blindness test
Shading Cube GAME to test your vision and speed
4 Amsler network tests
An AMD test for macular degeneration
A Glaucoma overview
A Written test otherwise known as. what amount do you think about the eye?
Differentiation Sensitivity test
Landolt C/Tumbling E test
Astigmatism test
Duochrome test
An OKN Strip test
Red Desaturation test


Because of varieties in each screen precision (screen size, brilliance/contrast, goal) the eye tests are not great. Holding a telephone of approx 4″ screen size 30 cm/12 crawls from your eyes would give you almost precise outcomes. Hold it (place it) 52cm/20inches from your eyes on the off chance that you have for example a 7″ tablet.

Try not to consider the tests in the application official tests. These tests simply mean to give you a thought whether you should see an eye specialist or go on an eye treatment.


The visual keenness test is a normal piece of an eye assessment, especially in the event of vision issues. At a youthful age, these vision issues can regularly be adjusted or improved. Undetected or untreated vision issues can prompt super durable vision harm.

Visual impairment

Test if your partially blind or not.


The Amsler network is a matrix of level and vertical lines used to check vision issues brought about by changes in the retina, especially the macula just as the optic nerve.


Age-related macular degeneration is an advancing eye condition that influences a large number of individuals.


Glaucoma is a gathering of sicknesses that harm the eye’s optic nerve and can bring about vision misfortune. Whenever left untreated, It can prompt visual deficiency.

Differentiation SENSITIVITY

A difference affectability test checks for the capacity to separate among light and dull.


The Landolt C is the standard optotype for keenness estimation in most European nations.


This test is the standard visual keenness test for individuals who can’t peruse the Roman letters in order.


Astigmatism is a dream condition that causes obscured vision making it hard to see fine subtleties, either close up or from a good ways.


This test is utilized to gauge whether you are long or foolhardy.


An authority test to test your vision for explicit eye issues.


The optic nerve is delicate to red, so when it is harmed, red-hued articles might seem dull, cleaned out or blurred.

What to do on the off chance that I get terrible outcomes?

In the event that your outcomes demonstrate you might have vision issues, you should see an eye specialist. Having ordinary eye assessments advances eye wellbeing. It additionally permits your PCP to quantify your vision and roll out the fundamental improvements to your remedies.

You can likewise download eye preparing applications to save your visual perception and further develop vision. You should care more for your eyes and vision. Saving vision wellbeing is one of our most significant thing to do. Overlooking eye care and eye tests can bring about genuine vision harm.

In the event that you experience any eye issues utilizing the internet browser, to-do applications, schedules, composing messages or checking the telephone directory or the call log, you should step through this exam to check on the off chance that you need eye therapy or potentially vision preparing.

Night vision further develops night vision, it additionally further develops night vision, this visual sharpness test works on your visual keenness and your night vision.

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