Count Things from Photos Android App

Count things naturally with your cell phone.

CountThings from Photos application assists organizations with computerizing counting. Open the application, select the right Counting Template for your things, snap a picture, and count.

On the off chance that we don’t have a Counting Template for your necessities, let us know, and we can make one.

Our present customers utilize the application to include things in the assembling system, stockrooms, and transportation and coordinations exercises.

A portion of our most counted things: lumber/logs, metal and PVC items, pipes and cylinders, bars/rebar.

Biotech and life-science experts utilize the application to count different sorts of creepy crawlies, flies, worms, just as things in Petri Dishes.

A few components:

• Each included thing is set apart in the subsequent picture, so you have review trails of what was counted

• Resulting pictures can be saved locally on your gadget, to the cloud, or shipped off web administrations

• Include information from a custom structure with the counting results

• Multiple ways of incorporating counting with your work process

• Integrate with your stock global positioning framework

Count limitless things free of charge with our DEMO Counting Templates.

At the point when you make a record, get a 7-day free preliminary to count with ANY Counting Templates (restrict one 7-day-preliminary per gadget).

We are right now offering a politeness preliminary to count limitless things with ANY Counting Template for a set number of counts; no record required.