You can now send a message to WhatsApp without saving the number

Disclaimer: This application isn’t associated with nor supported by WhatsApp Inc. Past name: “Open in WhatsApp (snap to talk)”, changed to agree with WhatsApp rules.

I’m mindful a few clients are utilizing the application for business purposes. I’m happy my application is helping you being more useful, yet please in case you are utilizing the application for business purposes think about supporting it. I need this little close to home venture to continue to be a free without advertisements nor buys application, and the advancement and updates depend on the gathering and backing from you. There is a gift form that you can purchase to help the turn of events:

Did you realize you can open a talk in WhatsApp with any number without saving first into contacts by opening in your program the connection ‘’ (utilizing the prefix+number wanted)?

Initially that connection was longer and more hard to recall, so I made this little application to help all the while.

From that point forward I have added different functionalities (enter message, share interface, rundown of nation codes, make alternate way, save later and stuck, open late calls through add-on, and a couple more) yet consistently with these three standards:

1) Make the more modest application conceivable. This implies no extra irrelevant substance, no additional libraries and no futile things. Presently its size is around 100KB=0.1MB. Not exactly a standard picture!

2) Use as couple of authorizations as could really be expected. Just the create _shortcut authorization is utilized, nothing else! (no calls, no capacity, no web).

3) No promotions. I disdain promotions. I won’t ever add promotions, adware, spyware, client following or other dreadful stuff.

Assuming you need a little device to assist you with opening numbers in WhatsApp, attempt it. In the event that you lean toward an application that sends your information to Google, there are clones out there.