Watch the video if you feel pain in this part of your chest or back

One thing that happens more and more in our current life situation is chest pain and a lot of deaths occur due to it. Sudden chest pain comes either in front or behind the back. Today the doctor is going to tell us two things about chest pain. Iota is the blood vessel that carries blood from the heart to other parts of the body.

Then the first one is the mitral valve, that is, the valve on the left side of the heart that lets the blood flow to the body. On the left side, there are two chain passes. The one above is called atrium M. Below is the left ventricle. Blood passes through the ventricles and is pumped from there through the aortic valve to all parts of the body. This is how normal circulation takes place in our body. Like this, if the function of the mitral valve is not done properly, the amount of blood coming to the heart’s pumping chamber and everything will be different. Because of this, there may be many problems. There are two types of diseases that affect the valve.

If the valve gets shrunk, it affects our heart and the valve gets shrunk, the valve leaks, it happens on the day of birth due to the issue of the valve, the valve does not really work, and when we get older, the valve can degenerate, due to these two reasons, the valve can become damaged, then what problems will there be due to this leak? Please watch the video for information.