If you do this, the numbness and tingling in the hands will go away in 2 minutes

Numbness in the hands is a problem that many people experience. Difficulties such as extreme burning and pain in the hands are common in this condition. This type of difficulty occurs during various activities such as while sleeping, doing tasks, typing games, etc. Most of the people see the rash on the right hand.

It is more likely to occur in people with diabetes, obesity and thyroid. People who do gaming and typing for a long time are likely to have rashes on their hands. In the beginning, there is a feeling of bitterness and this will change quickly, but as it increases, later on, the strength of the hands may decrease.

There are problems such as not being able to balance while picking up small heavy objects. Most of the rashes occur at night. It is more common in women and women can have these problems during pregnancy as well. If you put both hands together and hold the cup for a minute, if all the muscles come to these parts and you feel tingling, then you can understand that there is this kind of difficulty. In the beginning, we can get rid of acne by doing some massages and washing our hands.

But this is not possible only by doing these types of exercises later. If it is due to thyroid-related reasons, seek appropriate treatment. If you are overweight, try to reduce it. It is better to avoid smoking and drinking alcohol. We can use a splint on the hands to reduce such a rash at night. If you are doing gaming typing then you should try to reduce this. You can do exercises to increase muscle strength. The first thing you need to do is identify the cause of the rash on your hands. Watch the video below to know more.