These symptoms indicate reduced blood flow to the legs

Leg cramps, numbness, tingling and other problems are caused due to lack of blood flow to the legs. One of the reasons why our legs feel tired when we walk a short distance is because of reduced blood flow. Also, swelling can be due to reduced blood flow. Purines are an amino acid that breaks down proteins from the food we eat.

It undergoes a chemical reaction and the end product is uric acid. Normally, this uric acid is excreted through urine. But even if there is some kind of kidney problem, when the kidney is not functioning properly, uric acid accumulates in the blood uncontrollably and these crystals form.As uric acid accumulates in the blood, it forms crystals.

causing blockage of blood flow. If these crystals form in the blood vessels leading to the kidney, it can lead to conditions such as urinary stones. Eating foods with high levels of purine can cause an increase in uric acid in the blood. This is mainly due to the fast food junk food that we eat in abundance today, which increases the uric acid.

Eating bakery products and eating too much sweets can cause uric acid as well as kidney stones and liver problems. Not only that, things like smoking are also a reason for this. Later, sleep and the amount of mental stress are factors that influence this. We can avoid this problem by avoiding alcohol and smoking, taking care of our diet and exercising. We know these kinds of difficulties to some extent by symptoms. See a doctor when symptoms occur. Watch the video below for more information.