Just eat it to reduce sugar

Sugar increases due to many reasons. One of the causes of diabetes is lifestyle problems. Therefore, the first thing to do is to make some changes in our lifestyle. A process called glycosylation is a process in which excess glucose in our body attaches to sugary proteins. This protein is not usable by our body and it turns into a molecule that damages the body.

These types of problems occur when sugar and fat or sugar and protein combine. Similarly, excessive fungal infection in the body is caused by sugar, because sugar is the main food of fungus, and when we deposit sugar in our body in excess, as a result, fungal infection increases. The problems caused by this, i.e.

the problems caused by the excessive increase in sugar and the problems caused by its continuation, can be completely reversed. For that, those who have perished must do what is necessary to generate. It comes automatically but you have to give it time. It takes at least three to four months for the blood vessels and things that have been destroyed to come back.

But one thing that can speed it up is vitamin B1 or thiamine. Ben Foyd has a synthetic form of this created in his lab. What are the benefits of this? Vitamin B is a water-soluble vitamin, but it’s made to hit the other fat, so it’s more effective for the brain. In this way we can change most of our problems if we change our diet. By adjusting the diet, it is possible to eliminate things like excess weight and the increase of liver cholesterol and resistance caused by it. Watch the video below to learn more.