Diabetes can be eradicated completely

Diabetes is an important lifestyle disease that affects many people today. Many people make significant changes in their diet, but the reality is that they don’t when it comes to diabetes. Another thing is that many people are not dealing with diabetes in a scientific way. If we change our lifestyle in a scientific way, we can reverse diabetes to some extent or completely.

If the HbA1c level is below 7, we can prevent it by making major changes in lifestyle and diet. If it is more than 7 then medicine is needed. Some people have doubts that they are taking medication and should make a significant change in their diet. But only medicine cannot completely prevent diabetes. Only if people with diabetes have a proper diet plan.

it is possible to completely avoid diabetes and eliminate the risk of developing diabetes later. For solution eaters, try to avoid bellari and use things like brown rice, oats and barley. It is better to buy and grind wheat instead of buying wheat powder and also there are instant courses that can be made and used instead. Mulberry plant is high in protein. It will be very beneficial for those who do not eat eggs which provide protein. Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E are present in mulberry plant.

The silkworm produces silk by eating the leaves of the mulberry plant. Apart from this, eating this leaf is very good for hair growth, hair beauty and premature graying. Most of our diseases can be cured by eating thoran, which is made by mixing the shoots of mulberry plant, coconut, garlic, kanthari chilies and small onions for two weeks. Since it is made at home, it does not contain any kind of chemicals. Watch the video below to learn more.