Itching and blackening of the legs are the symptoms. pay attention.

There are many problems like reduced blood flow to our legs or other body parts. The body shows many symptoms for this. But the fact is that these symptoms are often not recognized. Many people do not recognize the symptoms and then end up in the hospital in a coma.

There are many blood vessels in our body through which blood is pumped to different parts of the body. All the necessary nutrients are delivered to all the cells of our body through the blood. Blockages in these blood vessels, if any, can cause reduced blood flow. If we now have a belly and things that cause it to decrease.

When more glucose reaches the body, blood thickens and blood flow decreases. People who smoke regularly can also look like this. Varicose veins are the main symptoms of varicose veins. The other main symptoms are sudden itching and tingling in hands and feet when doing something. Swelling in hands and feet can be caused by blood loss.

This can cause small swellings as well as itching. It may not be particularly visible on the hands, but if there is a black rash on the legs, it may be the cause. A similar symptom is numbness and tingling that sugar patients experience from time to time. Normally our body is warm but such people have cool body. If you pay close attention to the symptoms, you should do the necessary things to increase the blood. Watch the video below to learn more.