Fatty liver or belly fat can be eliminated through this method

Obesity or overweight, belly fat is a problem for many people today. Many people do many ways to reduce it. Everyone has the idea that fat or belly fat is caused by excess fat accumulated under the skin in the body. But there is a slight difference in this that needs to be understood. We all have a fat layer under our skin.

It is necessary to regulate our body temperature. Below this is the deposition of excess fat through the food we eat or otherwise. It accumulates in organs. This is called visceral fat. One way many people make the mistake is to put things around the machine and make it less. None of this will cause fat loss. Sometimes it’s just obesity.

Otherwise, obesity can lead to many other diseases. Fatty liver, PCOD and hypothyroidism can also cause colic. Then what should be done to prevent the disease. It can be controlled by changing our diet and exercise. Avoiding foods that are high in carbohydrates, reducing the amount of food in the afternoon and evening, and eating only those foods that contain carbohydrates, does not reduce the stomach. But we need to pay attention to such people with the morning meal to reduce belly fat.

Eating foods like dosa appam putt in the morning is also low in carbohydrates. An intermediate diet is a good diet. People with heartburn and ulcers should seek medical advice while doing intermedia fasting. Try doing it one day a week when you start intermedia fasting. Do it two or three days a week next week or a week or two later. So what you need to do is to reduce weight and never do it as a sudden process. It will lead to many other difficulties. Watch the video below for more information.