People with obesity and cholesterol should eat it. Change your misconception.

Obesity is not only a problem but also causes many health problems and diseases. It is better for overweight people to lose weight. But it should be done scientifically. We should lose weight in this way only after making sure that we are getting enough nutrients. Fat is stored in our internal organs, thus obesity and belly fat are formed.

Although nutrients can be obtained from outside as supplements, it is better to get nutrients from the foods we eat in our daily life. It is better to follow a regular diet along with medicine. Helps prevent diseases like thyroid by reducing obesity. More thyroid is found in women. If it is what it is, it is caused by fatty deposits in the liver.

The estrogen-like hormone that is produced every month during menstruation must then be flushed from the body. But this is hindered by fatty deposits in the liver. And those with high cholesterol tend to avoid eating fatty foods. But this is wrong. Our body has both bad cholesterol and good cholesterol.

Ghee and egg yolks are sources of good cholesterol. From sugar, i.e. starchy foods such as rice, to eating refined foods, bad cholesterol builds up in the body. Studies show that lowering good cholesterol in the body is more dangerous than having too much bad cholesterol. It is very good to eat meat. Be careful to eat these with curry. Our body needs protein and fat well. People with high cholesterol often avoid such foods because they are more dangerous. You can watch the video below to know more about it.