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If we want to maintain proper health, we must pay attention to food. It is true that Malayalees generally eat mostly rice which causes them to develop lifestyle diseases at an early age. Good health can be created if we have a clear reason for what foods are good for us to eat, what foods we need to change and what foods we need to add.

Include foods rich in protein content and fiber content in our habit. Eggs are an important protein rich food. Mutiraila is a food rich in protein in leafy greens. Mutira leaf or Mutira pea is a vegetable that gets protein. That is mulberry leaves. Issues such as materia moringa include a quarter of our plate.

Include one quarter protein, one quarter leafy greens, and one quarter fruit. Good ones like Guava Cucumber. We should eat well in the morning. When we eat dosha in the morning, it is a habit of many people to eat only a little bit of curry, but even if it is sambar with dosa in the morning, if it is half and half as much as dosa, there is no problem.

It is good to eat cucumber and small unsweetened fruits in the morning. Those who want to lose weight can help reduce drinking two or three glasses of water before meals. Drink enough water. It is better not to drink more than two servings like coffee and tea. Drinking one or two glasses of warm water immediately after waking up in the morning helps the bowel movements to go smoothly. Limit eating out to once a week or once a month. Pay attention to these types of things. Watch the video below to learn more.