Eating these foods can double your immunity

If the health of our stomach is not good, we will have stomach health problems. Many autoimmune problems can be prevented by improving gut health. If we take the matter of constipation, it doesn’t matter if we apply any medicine outside of us, we need to increase our immunity, for that we mainly need to increase the health of our stomach.

For that, we need to bring the good things we need in the stomach. We usually use probiotics to give our gut a good dose. Probiotics are foods that contain good bacteria. We can get probiotics and prebiotics supplements. Other than that it is best if we can eat it naturally and through food. Yogurt and whey contain good probiotics.

Vegetables are another food that is best for boosting our immunity. Include plenty of leafy greens. Broccoli is an important food to include in the diet. Broccoli helps eliminate information and free radicals. Eating broccoli once or twice a week can also help improve bone health. Calcium is another essential element.

but calcium absorption is not enough if we have proper levels of vitamin D in our body. Eat green tea and green papaya. Adding sesame seeds and cheese can help increase calcium. Moringa leaves are very good. Helps to increase bone strength. Moringa leaves help to strengthen cartilage as well as reduce inflammation. There are other foods that we can include. Exercise should also be done. Watch the video below to know more.