Be sure to know this if you are a regular gas pill addict

Many people have problems like gas acidity. But there are those among us who have it regularly and take medicine for it regularly. This is a symptom when the first parts of our digestive system, the stomach and the first part of the small intestine, the liver, pancreas, have any problems. People who regularly take drugs for this symptom without changing the disease cause diseases like cancer. All these diseases are lifestyle related problems.

The first thing is that you should not go to bed immediately after eating. Do not sleep for three hours after eating. By doing this, such diseases can be cured. Reduce the latter for those who are overweight. Reduce things like smoking chocolate coffee accordingly. It is best to avoid foods high in starch. Cut down on dry food. All foods that are fried are dry food. If it is medicine we can use antacids. There are many factors in the body and stomach that affect our digestive system.

There are things like bacteria, viruses and fungi. If this is more than what is needed then problems arise if there is more growth in a limited. There are several types of ulcers. Bleeding occurs due to dressing ulcers. 99% of stomach related problems and digestive problems can be completely avoided without any drugs or other treatments.

The main thing we should be aware of is the hydrochloric acid produced in the stomach which is essential for the immune system. When we take a lot of acidity pills it affects this and it leads to other problems. If you pay attention to the above types of food, you can see the solution. Watch the video below to know more.