Don’t take the rash lightly. By doing this exercise you can get rid of any strain and pain.

Most of the people are facing various physical difficulties. A major problem that many people have is gaining weight. Not only in the hands, but also in the legs, the juice can be seen. And there is also a strain. This is partly due to carpal tunnel syndrome. I feel like my hand is feeling weak when I’m chopping vegetables, doing laundry, typing on the computer, etc.

Such pains occur in situations such as obesity, hypothyroidism during childbirth, infectious diseases, etc. When such problems occur, the pain is mostly experienced at night. These pains occur when doing the same tasks. If this pain occurs, it is better to avoid doing the same work. If not, it is better to change from the same position in between working.

It is also good to do small exercises. A good exercise for this is to curl the fingers and move them up and down. Doing this for 20 to 30 seconds is a good form of exercise. Bending and straightening the fingers increases blood flow and helps reduce pain.

Doing this exercise every day in the morning relieves our muscle related problems, gives good strength to the muscle, relieves pain and provides traction. If you have this type of pain, do these exercises. Also eat plenty of healthy and nutritious foods. The main thing to do to relieve pain is exercise. It helps to relieve fatigue, fatigue and pain. Watch the video below to know more.