Foods to eat and not to eat for people with BP and diabetes. Be aware of which ones.

The changing lifestyles are causing us various health problems and difficulties which are becoming unusual. The number of strokes and heart attacks is increasing day by day, regardless of age. Because the size of our blood vessels decreases and there is a block in it, the body does not get the necessary energy and oxygen. This causes us to have problems like heart attack. As the level of cholesterol in the body increases, the chances of these types of problems also increase.

Similarly, in people with high blood pressure, there is a way to pass excessively, and having cholesterol causes us to have a heart attack. If there is blood cholesterol and diabetes in this way, they are likely to have a heart attack and stroke very quickly. Vitamin K is the most necessary vitamin for our body. There will be health problems in the form of less elements. Blockages are caused by problems with blood vessels. These are more likely to occur in people with blocked ducts and BP.

Not only chest pain but also symptoms such as heartache, rash on the feet and excessive sweating all occur with heartache. We need to grow the necessary bacteria in our body. A reward for us is that all these problems can be controlled by proper diet. It is very good to include a cup of curd like buttermilk or ameer products in our daily diet. Drinking water made from Paneer helps to give us the bacteria we need. By eating fast food, more oily bites, bakery sweets.

we lose many elements that are very necessary for our health and due to this many health problems occur. If you have BP then you should control it. Eating red tomatoes, apples and beetroot which contain lycopene is very good. It is better to avoid late night meals like rice and chapati and eat fruits instead and consume it as juice. It is necessary to pay attention to these things. Just watch the video below to know more.