The reason for the loan is reading. If you eat this one thing, you can replace both of them.

Mouth ulcers are a common problem. Often it is not noticed because it is intermittent and goes away after a day or two, so no treatment or care is given to it. But when the pain is uncomfortable and persistent, we look for ways to relieve it. It can be changed by applying honey and ghee on the tongue, chewing guava leaves or putting salt water in the mouth. But for others, debt is a condition that does not go away no matter what they do and causes a much more severe problem. It can be seen to change if you give buttermilk.

This is because it is known that the main problem of mouth ulcers lies in the stomach. Vitamin b12 is a vitamin that is given to those who have it for a longer period of time. If you consume it, you can see a complete improvement within a day or two. Changes in our stomach while taking b12 help prevent mouth ulcers.

Reading is one of the things that comes with this. Many people have a lot of trouble with this. No matter what you do, this condition persists. The root cause of this is stomach problems. To reverse these two problems, increase the growth of good bacteria in the stomach. What needs to be done is to make a positive change in the diet.

One thing to do with this is the use of butyric acid in ghee. It is good to eat pure ghee. Include plenty of biotics and probiotics in your diet. By these good changes in the way of eating, we can read and also avoid the end of reading completely. Watch the video below for more information.