Rectal cancer can be detected early

Rectal cancer is an increasing disease today. Be aware of its symptoms and causes. It is said that the main reason for this is that it is increasing in this period because of the change in our diet. Obesity is one reason for this. Excessive smoking and excessive drinking are causes. Otherwise, IBD inflammatory bowel disease is a disease that causes swelling in the bowels.

which increases the risk of rectal cancer. If the burn is divided into two parts and the left side, the symptoms are different if cancer occurs in both parts. On the right side, the symptom of cancer is anemia because there is slight bleeding. If the cancer occurs in the left side, it affects the entire body, so first there will be constipation for a few days.

after which it will become loose. Blood can be seen passing through the stool. A symptom of rectal cancer is said to go away, but there is a feeling of wanting to go again. College surgeons also perform treatments. This is how it is diagnosed and treated. One reason for this is eating food with low fiber content. Cyber Kannan can contain a lot and it is very good. It is possible to avoid constipation and make it healthy by eating foods that are high in fiber. It is very good to avoid fast food, jug food, etc. Watch the video below to know more.