No more hair loss, no dandruff. This is the shampoo that can be made in two minutes.

We do many things to keep our hair healthy. Meanwhile, hair loss and dandruff often go unnoticed. Even if you notice it now, you cannot completely change it. This is something that is very difficult for us mentally. We know that the first thing to do to reduce hair loss is to get rid of dandruff. A thali made with sage is a thali that was widely used in ancient times.

It is a shampoo in itself and there is no need to use another shampoo afterwards. We need to take three or four leaves. Sage leaf or sage flower can be taken. It’s quick to make and doesn’t require a lot of ingredients. It is a very effective shampoo. As for how to make it, usually everyone rubs sage leaves with water and rubs them on the head.

Alternatively, a jar of sage leaves can be poured into a jar and strained. After filtering it, you can really see better results than store-bought shampoo. If you use this, then there is no need to use any other shampoo. It is very good to use this shampoo to wash off any hair oil after blocking it. This is a shampoo that everyone can easily make as it is quick to make and does not require any additional ingredients. It is also a very important technique because it is very effective and something that we can see results immediately. Watch the video below to know more.