You don’t have to worry about scrubbing your feet. If you apply this, it will go away and whiten your feet in two minutes.

We are people who pay a lot of attention to the sense of beauty. We do many things to make our face glow, make our hair shiny and grow hair. But these are not the only things we do to enhance beauty. Another important thing is to enhance the beauty of our feet. Many people often say that their sense of beauty can be known by looking at their feet.

But many people’s feet are not white no matter how much they wash and try to clean them. You can see the stains sticking to the leg. Or the thing doesn’t clean well even if there is no mud. But lemon is a technique that we can do to completely shake off the mud and get rid of stains and dust completely. For this we need lemon and breadcrumbs.

Take some bread and squeeze lemon juice on it. A little is enough, just take what we need, just add lemon juice to it and leave it for some time and you will see it settle down. There is no need to add too much, just a little bit is enough, so just sprinkle some lemon juice on the bread. Mix it well. Later we can directly apply it on the feet.

It is good for getting rid of all kinds of scars and chapped feet. Also, the dark color under the armpits is something that bothers many people. It’s also a good way to switch it up. Lemon juice is very beneficial for our body. It also helps in facial beauty but this appakaram is not suitable for face. Watch the video below to know more.