December 2, 2023

No matter how much sugar you have, you can reduce it if you do this

In our country, many people have many problems due to the diet and lifestyle of this time. Today we are going to talk about the increase in sugar and the way to reduce it. Ninety percent of diabetes can be changed by changing our lifestyle. It does not require insulin or any other medicine. Adult-onset diabetes and pregnancy-related diabetes belong to this category.

Insulin resistant means that insulin does not work in our body, the reason for the increase in glucose in type 2 diabetes is that these diabetic patients do not have enough insulin in their body, and most of them have more insulin. And why do type 2 diabetics take injections? Most of the pills taken by diabetics try to control glucose by making insulin from the pancreas. Will there be any damage to the pancreas because of that, is it better to increase the amount of the hormone called insulin gradually? What are the health problems caused by too much insulin? Some drugs try to make the kidneys excrete glucose through the urine. Can that cause any harm to the kidneys or the body? Why can’t most people get their sugar under control despite insulin injections and three or four pills?

Heart attack, stroke, kidney disease, vision loss, cancer, non-drying testicles etc. are faced by diabetic patients. Only if we have a clear understanding of these things, we can prevent diabetes and other diseases caused by it. Most of the people believe that type 2 diabetes, which is adult-onset diabetes, is present for the rest of your life and will never change, but that is not the case, watch the video for more information.