To look more beautiful while wearing a saree, just do this

Today we are going to talk about there are people who wear sarees in our country and more of us wear sarees but some people are not fun to look at wearing sarees no matter how beautiful they are. That’s because if you look at our dress item, our saree is a dress that adds more beauty. If you pick ten sexiest dresses in the world, one of them is saree.

But we have to wear the sari the way it should be worn, then it will have its own beauty. We often think that if others take a good look, I’m sorry, why don’t we have a good look? All we have to do is wear a saree and pay attention to a few small things while going out, you too can be very beautiful. The first thing we should pay attention to is the heels, many of us are hesitant to wear heels. Now let me show you the difference between wearing a saree without heels and wearing a saree with heels. As soon as you see it, you will understand how much of a change there is.

Now if you are hesitant to wear heels, just use a shoe with a small heel and you will know the difference. Even if you don’t use it daily, if a function goes away, you can know its change. And what I have to say is the size of our saree, it doesn’t look good at all when we walk. Then for that it should end in the middle of the heel. That means not covering the heels at all but not showing the whole heels either. The heels should still be half covered to wear the saree, that is still beautiful, that is the reason, watch the video to know more.