Let’s find out if our phone’s camera, mic, has been hacked

Now there will be a lot of people among us to hack. But we can’t figure it out! For that we have now found an Android app. We can use it to find out if our phone’s camera, mic, or anyone else’s hacked. That is what the e-app is made for. Using this we can know if our phone has become a crow. For this, a notification has been set in the e-application. It does not require much work experience and can be easily used by anyone.

There are no ads in this app. Another feature is that it does not cost any money to use it. You can install it on your phone for free and use it as you wish. Not many people know about such an application. Now everything has a mobile app.

You just have to use it to keep your phone safe forever. No data on your phone will be lost. Many things that are used personally on our phone will be stolen by the hackers. Install the e app and make sure your phone is safe.

Once you grant access to your phone’s camera, gps or microphone to any app, they can use it silently in the background?

With Access Dots you can detect it by display dot icon like iOS 14/ android 12.

Simple to config app for detect this.

Access Dots allow features:
– Show dot color when exist any app use camera.
– Show dot color when exist any app recording.
– Show dot color when exist any app use gps location.
– Easy set size, color for dot icon.
– Option display for dot.
– History apps access camera, gps & microphone.

Premium version:
– No ads.
– Auto clear cache.
– Better performance.

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