How to correct mistakes in sslc book

kerala SSLC Book Correction: The SSLC book is a critical chronicle regarding each individual. This is because the SSLC Book is a huge heavenly nature that joins the singular’s name, address, parental information and position. Consequently, even little mistakes in these can provoke additional disturbing issues later on. We would now have the option to address enormous quantities of the bumbles in your SSLC book. In case you submit mistakes like this and don’t right them, will manage immense issues later on. Thusly, let us appreciate comprehensively the thing to do and how to address the bungles in the SSLC book.

NAME OF APPLICANT change in sslc book/presentation
Station change in sslc book/confirmation
NAME IN REGIONAL LANGUAGE change in sslc book/confirmation
Grouping OF CASTE change in sslc book/support
NAME OF FATHER change in sslc book/verification
RELIGION change in sslc book/support
NAME OF MOTHER change in sslc book/assertion
SEX change in sslc book/validation
Conspicuous verification MARKS change in sslc book/affirmation
How to make the changes in the SSLC book?
The application for cure of botches in the SSLC book should be made separated. An application structure should be printed out, filled in and submitted detached. For this you really want to send pareeksha bhavan a confirmation gave by the Headmaster or Mistress of the school where you focused on SSLC. Using this application you can modify 12 cures.

This consolidates the student’s name, language, father’s name, mother’s name, recognizing evidence engrave, spot of birth, standing, religion, character address.

You can use the association on the pareeksha Bhavan webpage to download the application. Right after downloading the application structure from the page, fill in all of the nuances like your name, father’s name, mother’s name and record the SSLC register number and the year the test was created. Accepting that you have any cure in the SSLC book, you should pay a challan of Rs. 30 to address it.

The challan expected to change the bungle should be paid through the storehouse or sub-safe. The head of record used for this is 0202-01-102-92.

To change the date of birth given in your SSLC book, you can simply give what the birth presentation given. Fill in a disclosure structure in which all of the nuances like your name and address should be given. Minorities can use their parent’s information. A person past 18 years of age is expected to give his/her own name and imprint on the show structure.

Expecting it is following 15 years to address the mistakes in the SSLC book then the public power demand should be procured. Ensuing to filling all of the constructions fittingly, the vital reports can be joined and transported off the evaluation local area. Expecting it is the date of birth that you truly need to right, then, present the important records like Birth Certificate and Cast Certificate if the cast of alteration is required. The main verification of the records to be changed and three copies affirmed by the Gazette Officer are required. It needs to pay a challan of Rs 30 and present its receipt close by the application. The area to which the application should be submitted is given underneath. You will get a changed confirmation two months directly following introducing the application.

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