If there is unspeakable trouble inside, it can be changed like this.

Everyone has their own mental contractions. But often it crosses the line and mental conflicts affect our lives and lead to many health problems. Just because it’s called mental conflict, it doesn’t mean we all get it. Often the pressures we feel inside are like this. It is not necessary to express or reflect.

The body knows that, so the body converts this mental stress into a health problem. Father of PsychologyFoyde has said that there are three structures in our personality. id, ego, super-ego. The id is the structure that desires happiness and peace no matter what problems we face. Super-ego is called conscience.

No matter what, morals don’t play, that’s what it is. Sometimes the id and the super-ego collide. Because we want to do something that makes us happy, but our morality does not allow us to do it. This problem arises in such situations. But it cannot be said out loud. This is what causes us mental stress and problems.

Psychosomatic disorder is a very simple thing. If there is something we can’t say or a problem inside that we can’t express, our body shows it outside as a health problem like a fever or a headache. A trivial or small thing can turn into a disease that cannot be cured no matter how big or how many doctors you see or a fever that does not go away or pain. This mental stress can be reversed if a good expert psychologist shows it. Watch the video below to know more