Do you have kidney failure? How to recognize Know what to do if you see symptoms

Kidney related disorders are a problem that is seen in many people today. A few lakhs are shown first when this kidney gets any kind of malfunction. Initially, urea creatine levels do not increase. If the level of creatine is more than 1.5, similarly if the level of urea is more than 45, it means that it has seriously affected the kidneys.

But it doesn’t have to be shown like this in the first place. There are some early symptoms. Urinary incontinence, not mild incontinence. This is a symptom. Then do tests like urine microalbumin. Usually less than 25. Diabetes can seriously affect the kidneys if not controlled. High BP and obesity can also affect the kidneys.

Puffiness around the eyes, watery face, swollen legs, etc. are the first signs of kidney related problems. The swelling occurs mainly in the leg area and there is a kind of juice that drains out when you touch the eye area of the leg. Excessive fatigue etc. are also symptoms. Symptoms include feeling like drinking water and not passing urine properly.

Even if you see such minor symptoms, do tests and do routine urine test. These are tests that can be done without any huge expenses. So if you have all the symptoms in any way then do this test. Pay attention to these things. It can be reversed by seeing the doctor and following the doctor’s instructions. Watch the video below to know more.