Do this at night and you will get rid of sugar

Today more and more people have lifestyle diseases. The most common of these is diabetes or sugar. It often causes us various difficulties and discomforts. It is because of the changes in our diet that we get these kinds of diseases. And often at the beginning of this type of illness, we are not paying attention or not taking the correct treatment.

The wrong thing is to do the tests and choose the right medicine and diet as soon as you know that you have diabetes. Another important thing to note is that if one of our parents has inherited diabetes, we are more likely to get it. So, if someone has hereditary diabetes, we should take precautions and choose lifestyle accordingly.

By eating foods containing starch, we are more likely to get diabetes. But often what we do is to eat less rice or rice instead of eating something like chapati. But this is a wrong way because if rice contains about 80% starch, chapati also contains about 70% starch. Try to reduce the intake of oats and small grains. Eat rice dishes. Make vegetables the most important part of your diet. Eating boiled vegetables is the best. Along with the diet we need to take proper exercise. By doing exercise we can prevent most of the health problems in our body.

The sweets we eat are the main reasons for good health. People who are overweight can also get sugar, so change to the method of reducing at least 10 kg in 80. We can get omega three of those who eat nuts and small fish like sardines. It is very beneficial to take darham mor with food. Proper lifestyle and diet will control your health problems. Watch below video to know more.