Boodmo Android Application Review

Stage 1: Introduce the Boodmo application from the Play Store. Then, at that point, open the application.

Step 2:Then sort the vehicle parts you need in the Hunt by class segment.

Step 3:Here you can look for wanted parts in various classes. That is, you can choose the body of the vehicle assuming you need it, or select the Interior Pioneer part.

Step 4:A vehicle can have various variations. All things considered, you can type the name of the vehicle in the hunt bar. Presently all the data connected with that vehicle is accessible in various classifications.

Step 5:This kind of search returns data including an image of the unit number and portions of the vehicle. From this, you can choose the ideal choice.

Step 6:The parts you purchase will be conveyed to your home inside a couple of days. Conveyance might shift marginally relying upon the submit of request yet the home conveyance choice is accessible.

This way you can purchase every one of the parts you want for the vehicle in great quality through the boodmo application. For more data watch the video.

1)Tho Premium – type vehicle parts are accessible on boodmo site?

ANS: Yes . In boodmo incorporated all the premium to essential model vehicle spare parts.

2)What is the conveyance time of extra parts?

ANS: The conveyance time in the middle of between 7 to 14 days.

3)Home conveyance choice is accessible or not?

ANS: You can pick your personal residence for conveyance.

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