December 2, 2023

You can pay your land tax online

Land Tax online in Kerala : Most central and state citizen driven associations are available web based now. So in the old strategy we don’t have to go clearly to the working environments and contribute more energy out of the line. In addition to this, anyone can use government online organizations from the comfort of their own home. This way you can pay your property charge on the web. Henceforth, those residence in external countries who have their own property in the country don’t need to come clearly to cover the obligation. Maybe you can pay land charge on the land using the Revenue Department site. Land obligation can be paid this way using your PC or PDA through on the web.

The Department of Revenue webpage using this Land cost can be paid online through the website. For this You ought to at first make a record resulting to opening the site. To do this, select the Registration decision. Enter your name, region, phone number, Aadhaar number and every one of the information and subsequently click on the Next button. Later that you can make a client ID and mystery state on the ensuing page. Later on you will pay the land charge using the client ID and mystery state that you have made here. likewise type the manual human test code .When you click on the submit button, you will get an OTP to the phone number you entered.

Whenever you have made a record, you can tap on the sign up button to settle the cost. By and by on the login page type in the username and secret word you made previously and a short time later the particular number given to the base part. Then, click on the sign in button underneath.

You will get an obligation portion page. Select the New Request decision on the left. Fill in all of the nuances like district and town precisely.

Exactly when you take the decision to add to portion, land energize information will show as an add message. On the Payment Receipt page, you will find information about following through with charges The page will normally show a few information and can be used accepting that you have a previous charge receipt for the past charge year. In like manner, the last paid land receipt number should be added here. Expecting that there is any information in the space put aside as remark, it might be added. Then, click on the Pay charge button.

As of now you will get a page with respect to how much appraisal you really want to pay. Under this you will see two decisions to be explicit Pay Now and Pay Later. You can pay the evaluation promptly accepting that you want, or pay later. Here will notice information on later portions in the My Request fragment of your greeting page.

If you pick the Pay Now button, you can pay your costs web using any of the electronic portion procedures, for instance, Online Banking, UPI, etc You will then, get a cost portion receipt like the one regularly get from a Village Office, If you intend to pay the evaluation later, select the my Request decision and pay the obligation in any time online design when you need it.

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