All call recording Android App


– Records call, sound, video and screen.
– Recordings should be possible behind the scenes, while working with other applications.
– Floating record control.
– Full customization on the nature of each sort of accounts.
– Pause and resume all accounts.
– Resizable camera sneak peaks.
– No watermarks in screen and camera accounts.
– Recordings are saved in nearby gadget in shared ways.
– Limit accounts for a predefined length of time or document size.
– Recordings put away in shared public envelope.
– Record video or screen without voice.
– Small introduce size contrasting with other comparable applications, yet with all components remembered for.

Call Recorder

– Automatically records approaching and active calls.
– Pause and resume recording while ready to come in case of an emergency.
– Customizable quality settings.
– Automatic and manual recording.
– Support for a very long time designs.
– Ability to utilize call recorder for other application accounts as well.

Sound Recorder

– Record sound behind the scenes.
– High quality voice recorder.
– Customizable sound quality.
– Share your accounts.
– Record addresses, gatherings with clear sound.
– Recordings in compacted design.
– Fine-tune your accounts.

Video Recorder

– Records video quietly through front or back camera.

– Configure review. With or without see.
– Record video while chipping away at different undertakings.
– Multiple video designs.
– Resize-capable see.
Screen Recorder
– Records your telephone screen behind the scenes.
– Enable camera see while recording.
– Switch to front or back camera while recording.
– One tick recording.
– Record in high or inferior quality.
– Can record screen during a video or VoIP call.
– Full HD and more excellent accounts.
– Resize camera see according to your necessity.

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