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Land Revenue is an office having an incredible reach in the normal existence of resident – be it installment of legal assessments and expenses, getting endorsements for different purposes, handling crises and so forth. Coordinating every one of the administrations in a typical stage is the need of great importance particularly in the pandemic situation where resident are compelled to bind in their families for longer periods. The Web application is intended to benefit income benefits by partaking in the solace of home. The principle feature of the application is that it is versatile. Resident can profit the administrations by enlisting in the entryway. The historical backdrop of the settlements are carefully saved in the individual logins for future reference staying away from the weight of keeping printed versions of the equivalent. By this undertaking, division is wanting to move into a totally IT empowered help conveyance framework focusing on most extreme advantage to the resident. One little advance for the resident and one monster jump for the office

Income Land Information System

ReLIS is a web application concocted by Revenue division for empowering on the web combination with Registration and Survey offices in this manner making an electronically empowered spine for the viable administration of land records in the state. The undertaking was started in 2011 and it was patched up in 2015 all together for better combination with all the partner offices.

Incorporated Revenue e-Payment System

A web-based installment framework has been made functional starting around 2015 in internet based enacted towns as an additional component of ReLIS empowering residents to transmit different assessments online from anyplace any time. Public can transmit the sums straightforwardly at town workplaces or through this framework. The sum gathered will be moved to state exchequer productively and accounts are overseen carefully in all income workplaces. The application is likewise prepared for the assortment of income recuperation contribution and furthermore the conveyance of government assistance assets as and when the circumstance requests.


Web Application intended for incorporating text based information with Spatial Data to acquire a cleansed land records support framework holding fast to most extreme ground truthing. The incorporated e Maps Application will be an apparatus for the compelling administration of land records, limit extent of land debates, upgrade straightforwardness in the land records support framework, and work with the objective of ensured decisive title to land.The extent of the framework involves a start to finish answer for cadastral planning, beginning from advanced check of raster and vector information of cadastral guides, directing computerized overview, its mix with Textual Data and administrations like change, updation, dispersion of Land Records and guides in G2G and G2C space as imagined in the targets of DILRMP project. The web application will fuse all association work processes and systems continued in the Department.In present extent of work, cadastral guides are ready inside town limits with appropriate town list characterizing affiliation and bearing and direction among plots establishing the town. The Citizen will actually want to get the refreshed Digital Sketch of each and every package in the town.


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Sanchaya, an egovernance application programming suite for Revenue and License System in nearby administrations of Kerala. Building proprietors can get their web-based Ownership Certificate from the Local Governments having e-installment office.

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