With Google Maps, you can track anyone’s location

A large portion of us think GPS is just for route. Notwithstanding, utilizing different GPS-based gadgets and applications, you can use this innovation to find things as well as individuals. ET show you how you can monitor everything vital to you.

There would be times when you would need to monitor relatives or let them know where you are. The least complex way is to utilize your telephone’s implicit GPS joined with Find My Telephone highlight (Track down my iPhone for iOS clients, Track down your telephone on Android) to find an individual on a guide. Remember that you would require the Apple ID/Google ID to get to these subtleties.

On the off chance that you would rather not share your Apple/Google ID, you can utilize other free applications. Family Finder by Life 360 is a free application for Android and iOS that we should you see where every relative is on the application. You make a confidential circle on the application with yourself and other relatives and you might put area sharing on programmed for steady use. The application even gives you visit with others access in the circle on one-on-one premise or collectively. Another relatively simple application you can attempt is Glympse (free for Android and iOS). It permits you to send a ‘Glympse’ by means of the application alongside how long the individual can follow you utilizing the application.

For your pets
There are devoted GPS trackers accessible for your pets. The Tracksafe Amigo canine restraint (Rs 9,000) utilizes GPS and GPRS to follow your pet and even allows you to make geofences. There is additionally the choice of one way calling so you can tune in to encompassing clamor whenever required. The cost incorporates initial a year of membership administration.

You can likewise take a gander at the Tagg GPS pet tracker on Amazon for Rs 9,500. It can work for most pets as it joins to the choker and gives you see your pet’s area access continuous on a guide. It even tracks your pets’ movement and rest to provide you with an outline of their wellbeing.

An eye on youthful and old
In the event that you are not happy giving a telephone to kids or following the older through applications, you can get a little GPS tracker like TrackID or LetsTrack individual to watch out for them. Evaluated at Rs 6,000 onwards, these are reduced, prepared to-utilize GPS + GSM trackers that can be put in a sack or cut onto dress.

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