What to do if Aadhaar is lost

As to put, the main record of that spot is supposed to be Aadhaar. That is, whose hand the property is in, from whose hand the land has been bought, depends on every one of the records connected with that land. In any case, a considerable lot of us don’t have the foggiest idea what to do in the event that the establishment gets none of our concern sooner or later.

Yet, today we should give what we a chance in the event that we lose our item base. The primary thing to do is to check in which recorder office the Aadhaar is enrolled. A duplicate of the equivalent will be kept in the workplace of the enlistment center in which it is enrolled. Thusly, in the event that the first report is lost, an application should be submitted to the Recorder’s Office to get a duplicate.

Along these lines, while presenting an application for a duplicate of Aadhaar, the Aadhaar number and the date of enlistment of Aadhaar should be given. Yet, assuming that we are familiar the individual who made the Aadhaar and the individual who gave it, we don’t necessarily in every case need to recall the date and number. Be that as it may, in the event that the application is made for an Aadhaar, its number will be given at the highest point of the Aadhaar. Simply enter that number.

This can be applied online at the Sub-Recorder Office. All exchanges connecting with that spot will be kept in a solitary report. Presently on the off chance that you get the Sikda authentication, you can likewise be aware assuming the Aadhaar is enlisted in another person’s name. In this manner, on the off chance that you lose your Aadhaar, it is vital to apply for a drinking testament.

Subsequent to getting the Aadhaar number and enrolled date through the Sikada endorsement, the following stage is to apply for the lost Aadhaar duplicate.
After that place an ad in the paper expressing that Aadhaar has been lost. Also, in the event that the Aadhaar is in somebody’s control, it ought to be returned in 15 days or less. A duplicate of this commercial and a duplicate of the Aadhaar got from the workplace might be kept as a comparable duplicate of the Aadhaar.

What’s more, in the event that the reference is lost, it’s somewhat more secure to record the name of another person in the property family that gave it. By doing this, the property can’t be moved to any other individual. Accordingly, you can keep the duplicate of paper promotion for the sake of somebody you confide in the family, the duplicate of the first from the workplace and the name change as proof. These are everything activities in the event that a unique source is lost.