Vehicle Owners Note that the new notice will be mandatory from January and will apply to everyone

People with four-wheelers should be aware that the government has also introduced a new law that requires people to pay fines, and these are important decisions that people need to be aware of.

Today’s video explains some of the important decisions to be aware of in March, as well as the new road law issued by the government today. That means we have a key chain, a doll, a statue or something beautiful in the mirror somewhere in the middle of the two seats, whether it’s for beauty or not. However, the government today issued an order banning such activities as it is understood that it is an impediment to driving and causes accidents. In that case, the police will show their hands and inform them that if they see the incidents in the vehicle, they will be fined. So it is very valuable information because it is something we all do, of course to those who do not know it. 

Of course you should know this is a very important thing that will affect you from the month of January 2021. If you like this video, all your friends should like this video as well as share this information with all your friends. Taxi vehicles will have to be inspected at regular intervals from the beginning but the first registration for private cars will be given for 15 years. After this period, the registration will be extended for another 5 years. Officials now say they can conveniently switch to Fastag as soon as possible, with the new one on sale starting December 2017. Vehicles currently have fast tags affixed to their vehicles.