December 5, 2023

Vehicle Information Android App

Find vehicle Proprietor detail from their vehicle number. Actually take a look at your driving permit.

RTO Vehicle Data application is the free application to find the enrollment subtleties, for example, vehicle subtleties, proprietor name and address, protection and considerably more. Simple to check challan status and driving permit data. You can follow the different fuel costs consistently. The vehicle data application gives valuable vehicle subtleties and bicycle subtleties like value, elements, details, and substantially more. Track down the subtleties of RTO workplaces. Plan driving permit test and take the live RTO test. Change language of the whole application: Gujarati, Hindi, English, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, and so forth.

The Star Element of RTO Vehicle Data application:

RC status:
Utilize the number plate scanner to effortlessly figure out RC subtleties and RC status. You can see valuable data like the name and address of the vehicle proprietor, vehicle model, class, protection, motor subtleties, fuel type and considerably more.

Challan Subtleties:
Look at the challan status and subtleties of your vehicle. You simply have to give the RC number or DL number or sweep the number plate to find out the challan subtleties.

Driving Permit Data:
Enter driving permit number and date of birth to see driving permit subtleties

RTO Data:
You can undoubtedly find any RTO office in India. Search by city name to find the location, telephone number and site of the RTO office.

RTO Test:
Get ready for the driving permit test. Learn and recall different traffic signs and view questions in regards to different traffic images.
Practice the RTO test sitting at your home prior to going to the genuine RTO test and audit your responses by obtain a moment result. You can likewise really look at the situation with recently stepped through exams.
Track down the closest engine driving school in your city to pick up driving.

  • Vehicle subtleties and bicycle subtleties:

New Highlights of RTO application:

Most recent News With Pagination
Peruse the most recent news connected with bicycles, vehicles, trucks and different vehicles

Speed Meter
View your driving rate on a speedometer in simple, computerized and map mode

Mileage number cruncher
Work out the mileage of vehicles and bicycles

Advance mini-computer
Fill in the necessary subtleties to ascertain advance

Vehicle cost chief
Deal with your vehicle support costs # Center elements of RTO Vehicle Data application:

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