This is all you need to do to get rid of fever and phlegm

In children today, fever, phlegm, and cough are frequent. It is the pattern of coming back after fever or cough. This is mainly because of today’s diet or lifestyle. Eating foods like last food and excessive bakery sweets leads to many of our health problems. Due to the lack of immunity in children, diseases keep coming like this.

Also by eating high calorie foods and carbonated juices. Vitamins and proteins are very necessary elements for children and all ages. We can prevent many health problems by making proper changes in our eating style. Eat vitamin-rich leafy greens and vegetables in your diet. Children go out very little these days.

Sun exposure helps us get vitamin D. But most kids today don’t sunbathe or play. Get a vitamin D test if you have frequent coughs and colds. If it is due to its deficiency, we can control it by taking vitamin D supplements, medicines, and exposure to sunlight. We can also boost immunity through foods rich in vitamin C.

We also get vitamin C from foods like sour oranges. It is also very good to eat small fishes like sardines and aila which contain Omega 3. Turmeric contains many health benefits. Through these dietary patterns and our daily activities, we can increase our immune system and prevent frequent diseases. It can be easily controlled by diet and exercise at home without drugs. Watch the video below to know more.