The woman who wanted to win

Salha Begum, a local of Palakkad, is a guaranteed diabetic instructor, acupunctureist, normal advisor, therapist, style planner, persuasive orator, YouTuber and some more. Be that as it may, it was difficult for Salha to arrive, and it was anything but a commonplace story.

Brought up in an extremely preservationist family, Salha was hitched at seventeen years old. After a significant occasion in her life, a thought that struck a chord completely changed her.
That thought incited Salha to proceed with her instruction from the eleventh grade to various degrees and accreditations In spite of the fact that her duties as a spouse and mother of four kids have been intruded on commonly, nothing has kept her from satisfying her fantasies.

After numerous disappointments in her vocation and individual life, Salha never surrendered her endeavors to succeed. From mystery lying in classes to going with an infant, The way Salha confronted every one of her difficulties will consistently be a good example for every one of us.