December 2, 2023

The good news is that the APL ration card is on-line.

Everyone knows. The most important thing is that the distribution of Onam kits is going on in Kerala now. But there is good news for pink and yellow card holders who have not been able to accept it before and you can buy a hit at any time. Onyx kits as well as kits for blue card families are delivered to you from the shops where you bought the last ration.

Distribution will start on the 25th but due to non-availability of goods in many ration shops and other technical issues, the ration card will be distributed in the order of the last digit. Distribution is ongoing. The distribution of kits to card families followed by number 0 took place on the 25th of August. The kit will be distributed to cardholders whose ration card number 345 ends on 26/8/2020 and then 27/8/2020.

Distribute 28/8/2020 kits to ration card holders ending in 6 7 8 9. Also keep in mind that this is a very important video that I came to say that if you have not been able to read it in the last few days, it will be available to everyone these days.