If it looks like this in the morning, it may be a sign of goiter

Autoimmune is on the rise today. One of the important ones is goiter. Gout is a disease that affects both small and large joints. Ama means digestive system. It can be understood from that that goiter is caused by digestive problems. People with gout have many digestive problems before they get sick.

Stomach problems are caused by the accumulation of bad bacteria. The reason for the increase is the lack of good bacteria. A symptom of goiter is the problem of bending the joints immediately after waking up in the morning and the condition of not even being able to hold a glass. This stiffness usually occurs in small joints but can occur in large joints as well.

People with this type of problem have a tendency to flush out potentially problematic substances that enter the body. But at such times then foods mimic the organs and joints of the body. That is, when substances from the outside that are not good for us resemble the organs of the body, the body’s immune cells try to expel them.

At some point they get misunderstanding and attack our organ itself thinking it is foreign material. For example, when you see bluetons, it is like the joints or cells in the thyroid, so immune problems attack the joints and the thyroid. This is the reason why this type of goitre increases sometimes even with milk, not necessarily Blueton itself. Taking proper probiotics is the first step to keeping your gut healthy. If gout occurs and we do the treatment as per the doctor’s instructions, we can completely reverse it. Watch the video below to learn more.