How to brush teeth? Must know the science of brushing teeth

Although we are the ones who brush our teeth twice, many of us do not clearly know how to brush our teeth. Many people think that rubbing with umikari is very good. That is why many people now brush their teeth with its new version, tooth powder. But this is a big mistake. Many people have the habit of brushing their teeth with a good hard brush if that is not enough. Both of these give the teeth a nice shine and white color, but they can cause the tooth enamel to gradually wear away.

Another mistake is cleaning the tongue with a steel tongue cleaner. When using a steel tongue cleaner like this, it causes minor cuts on the tongue and affects the taste buds. This is because many people feel that adding a little spice is too much. If the tongue is dry, it is enough to dry the tongue with the brush of the brush itself. This is enough to remove dirt from the tongue. It is a habit of all of us to spend a lot of time walking and doing other tasks while brushing our teeth.

When we do this, we cannot control the time we brush our teeth. There are people who brush their teeth for up to 30 minutes. But brushing time should be less than one minute. It is better to brush your teeth twice. Brushing your teeth in the morning is for beauty and brushing your teeth at night is for health.

Also try to brush your teeth close to your gums. Dirt accumulates in the gum area. Damage to the front teeth can also be seen in young children. It is going to play or sleep while drinking milk while breastfeeding. Then the milk part is removed from the tooth itself and it slowly erodes the tooth. It is not due to lack of calcium. Watch the video below for more information.