A single leaf is enough to blacken hair

There are many things we use to darken gray hair. Dye and henna are also bought from the shop. And we try to make a lot from home. But often our mind does not allow us to make it from home with complete patience. And since it’s a bit more difficult to make, we don’t bother. But there is a dye that can easily be made at home without spending much time.

A good hair dye can be made using Neelamari leaves. We can take as much price as we need, even if we take more, it is okay and we can keep it for a long time. Then spread the Neelamari leaves on a piece of paper and keep it to dry. Dry well. Just dry it in the sun. After drying, the leaves should look crumbly to the touch.

Then grind it in a mixer. It should be used only after it is finely ground. There should not be any lumps in it and it should be well ground. Then set it aside. Prepare black tea to mix it. When the tea is black, put a tablespoon of tea powder in a glass of water, add some fenugreek seeds if needed and strain it in half.

After that put the cloth we have prepared earlier in an iron kettle and add the same amount of henna to it. After this, mix the black tea into a spoonful and pour up to 5 spoonfuls. Then cover it. It should be applied on the head the next day. It will be a nice black color and if you apply it on your head, you will see that your hair will be blackened.