December 5, 2023

Do you have more than one SIM card in your name? Then here is the new law of the center

Do you have more than one SIM card in your name? The telecom organization needs to restore it before January 10, we know in detail. We take the SIM cards of numerous organizations for use on telephones, so assuming this is the case, return them to the telecom organization before January tenth.

Provided that this is true, one has the option to keep just 9 SIM cards in one’s own name. Increasingly more SIM cards must be gotten back to the telecom organizations, regardless of whether it is an organization or an assortment of organizations, so the organization knows very well the number of SIM cards every individual has.

So it is mentioned to restore it before 10, they will likewise send you a notification with respect to this, at that point nobody who has taken more SIM in their own name for different purposes should go unnoticed, so in the event that you or somebody you know has taken more SIM card, at that point unquestionably quick.

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