Central and state governments will provide Rs 6,000 each to mothers in the state, an important knowledge

The Central and State Governments have applied for Rs. 6000 / – for mothers in the state. And there are still opportunities to apply. This means that expectant mothers can eat well and have a baby after birth.

This is a one-time scheme of Rs. 6000 / – provided by the Central and State Governments for providing adequate food and other necessities to the baby, out of which Rs.5000 / – is received through Mathruvandana Yojana and Rs.1000 / – through Janani Suraksha Yojana.

Pregnant women are required to apply through the Anganwadi for this purpose, after which the applicant has now been allotted the amount and the government has provided further opportunities to apply, which will tell you all about it in detail. Then if anyone in your acquaintance is like this, let them know about this benefit. Let everyone know about this highly beneficial Rs.