Benefits of using SBI Simply Click Credit Card & Apply Online

Simply Click is a credit card launched by SBI Bank for those who make more payments online. Credit card offers many benefits for online payment. Now Sally Click Credit Card has undergone some changes and many people are saying that they are not getting reward points. It is because we used Simply Click Credit Card without understanding its terms and conditions. Many things don’t earn reward points because we don’t understand and use them.

After looking at the details of SBI Simply Credit Card, there are some partner merchants in it. We get 10 reward points for every purchase worth Rs.100 when we make purchases at the merchant. This is available if we purchase from a partner merchant. But from this year we will not get ten reward points when we make purchases on Amazon. Instead you will get five reward points. Then every online payment will get 5 rewards. After checking the terms and conditions of e-reward points, you will not be able to get Valent Lok reward points. If we pay the utility bill using the mobile app, we will not get reward points. And the transaction like fuel filling cash advance balance transfer will not get reward points.

Then there is a monthly gap for the reward points we get through Amazon. We can only earn a maximum of 10000 reward points in a month. After that limit, you will get only 1 reward points for every 100 rupees. Similarly, all other online payments will earn 5 reward points. Moreover, we can earn only 10000 reward points per month. After this limit, you will get only 1 reward point for every 100 rupees. More and more online payments earn more and more reward points.

And e-card gives another benefit. If you make an online payment of Rs 100,000 in a year, you will get Rs 2,000 as a gift voucher. Similarly, if you spend 200000 lakh rupees for online transactions, you will get a gift voucher of 2000 rupees.

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