Be aware of PCOD symptoms. It is because of this

PCOD is a disease that affects many women today. The main symptoms of this are weight gain, mustache, beard, hair growth, change in voice, change to male voice, etc. The cause of PCOD is lack of exercise and diet. Today’s children are so confined to their phones in front of the TV that sports activities have come to a state of non-existence.

When that happens, we exercise less. In the same way, today everyone is following the methods of eating more chocolate, eating more ice cream, eating more fast food and eating more chunk food. By this way of eating, calories reach the body unnecessarily. Calories don’t do it and when we get too much we gain weight and become obese. Watch out for irregular periods. It is said to be 28 days but the menstrual cycle is between 28 to 35 days or 21 to 35 days.

It is considered irregular when there is no period for more than these 35 days. Using these drugs alone does not matter. It can be effectively prevented by making changes in our diet and doing good exercise in groups as well as improving our lifestyle. It is wrong to focus on such things and not to think that the disease will be completely cured by taking only medicines. Improve health in a positive way. Watch the video below for more information.