You can apply for a holding certificate at home in just 5 minutes

We would now be able to apply for all the reports we require at home. A great many people don’t know about this. Hence, Akshaya Kendra and other assistance communities are depended upon to apply for all the necessary reports. In any case, presently all the confirmations we require can be applied for through the web utilizing a cell phone.

That way we can make the testament of ownership we need all alone at home with the assistance of a cell phone or with the assistance of a PC. For this we first need to make a record on the public entryway. At that point whenever we have made the record then all we require is the record of the spot in your name.

In other words, a testament of ownership is a declaration presented by the Village Officer that the land has a place with me. At that point we need to check the same number of pages as we have in our base. In the wake of checking, we have to change it over to PDF design.

You ought to particularly take note of that the greatest record size of a PDF document size is 100 KB. And scan the full page of the document. The file size of each page should not exceed 100 KB. This means that a PDF file can be created up to a maximum of 10 pages in a maximum size of 1 MB. Next we will see how to give it. You can learn how to apply for any place where you need to apply. You can watch and understand the video included in the post.