December 2, 2023

You can also install a solar power plant at home

KSEB is helping to set up a solar power plant with 88% subsidy if there are places hidden above your house, registration for this project has started. There was a plan before this and officials from KSEB came to the house of the people who were registered at that time and found the place.

No further action was taken as the situation was very bad and registration has now resumed. Therefore, KSEB is assisting in setting up a solar power plant on the roof of the house if there is any vacant space on the terrace etc., which is also provided with 88% subsidy. Let’s apply for this now, we can set the eow thing in two ways, that too, the benefit of doing so and all the other details are detailed in the video.

The toll free number is provided in the first comment on the post to call and ask if you have any doubts about this. Because this one information is useful for everyone

for more details Contact KSEB or Call To 1912

solar panel registration site

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