What not to eat and what to eat when you have cholesterol

In the event that the cholesterol test result is high, we will get a ton of dietary counsel from our loved ones. Eggs, fish, shrimp, and meat are only a portion of the tips referenced previously. In any case, this is a post that will assist you with understanding which of these tips is correct and how to appropriately bring down cholesterol through eating regimen. We should perceive how to manage these issues.

In the event that you state that cholesterol is high in our nation, the principal suspect is coconut oil. Numerous individuals accept that coconut oil, which is utilized to cook practically the entirety of our nourishments, brings cholesterol up thusly. However, the truth of the matter is that coconut oil is high in soaked fat. Yet, soaked fat is generally excellent for the body when eaten with some restraint. Utilization of coconut oil increments both muscle versus fat, HDL and LDL.

Nonetheless, since HDL cholesterol is a decent cholesterol, there is no compelling reason to stress over the issues brought about by elevated cholesterol by eating nourishments cooked with coconut oil.

Watch the full video underneath to hear Dr. Prasoon talk about how to utilize coconut oil, what nourishments to eat and what to dodge, and remember to tell us in the remarks in the event that you have any questions or recommendations.