December 5, 2023

Social welfare pension 1600 suspended pension in December pension mustering

The Social Welfare Pension, the Justice Scheme and the month to month benefits for the families come at such a high rate each year. Thomas Isaac said he was not discussing the cash of other government assistance benefit guarantees. He shared this on Facebook. Post in full

The UDF is consuming the memory of individuals with a strange declaration. The benefits of Rs 600 was paid by the Oommen Chandy government year and a half back. They are the ones who spread the deception that the government assistance benefits will be 3000 and go to the surveys. Individuals of Kerala will loathe the capricious offer of the people who don’t convey what they merit on schedule.

What was going on when the Left legislature of 006 came to control? The AK Antony government came to drive following over two years of overdue debts of a benefits of Rs 110. The VS government came to drive in the wake of paying the overdue debts. In addition to the fact that we raised it to Rs.500, there was not so much as a solitary rupee financially past due during that administration. Later came the Oommen Chandy government. Toward the finish of their standard, they were owed a benefits of Rs 600 for a long time. The unpaid debts were paid by the current government.